Romania is known as one of the best destinations for IT companies mostly because of the massive number of talented graduates and professionals in the field.

According to Brainspotting 2014 report the value of the market in 2012 reached €527.3 million. In the same year the top 50 companies grew their teams by 2700 new employees (21% growth). At the moment there are about 1500 jobs posted on recruitment sites in Romania at any given time.

Studies reach to the conclusion that the reasons for which Romanian developers are appreciated are:

  • Starting with 2001 Romanian universities are ranked in top 3 universities in IEEE Design Competitions
  • Romania has the most participants of mathematics and informatics olympics than any other European country and globally is the 3rd country after Russia and China
  • Total number of engineers per capita is higher than America, India, China and Russia
  • Romania is in top 10 countries of certified professionals in IT
  • Over 90% of the IT specialists have good English skills, over 20% have French skills

Number of employees

Brainstorming presents the total number of employees in the field:

  • 45.000 in Bucharest, biggest companies being: SAP, Oracle, Dell, Endava, Microsoft, Adobe, Intel, IBM, Ubisoft, Avira, Luxoft
  • 8.500 in Cluj-Napoca, biggest companies being: EBS, Softvision, HP, IQest, Betfair
  • 7.000 in Timisoara, biggest companies being: Alcatel-Lucent, Oce-A Cannon Company, Atos IT Solutions and Services, ACI Worldwide Romania, Bitdefender
  • 5.000 in Iasi, biggest companies being: Amazon development center, Capgemini, Continental, MIND CTI, Thales Systems, Comodo Romania, Trust IT Services
  • 2.500 in Brasov, biggest companies being: Route 66, Siemens, Ipsos Interactive Services The division of IT roles are:

Programming languages

The most popular programming languages are:

  • PHP
  • .NET, C#
  • Java
  • C/C++
  • Mobile (Android, iOS)
  • Others


Monthly net salary levels in Bucharest are the following (amounts do not include taxes and insurance):

  • IT Manager (€2,100 – €2,700)
  • Project Manager (€1,700 – €2,000)

  • Quality assurance (Junior) (€400 – €500)
  • Quality assurance (Middle) (€650 – €800)
  • Quality assurance (Senior) (€1,200 – €1,500)

  • Software Development (Junior) (€450 – €1,000)
  • Software Development (Middle) (€1,100 – €1,700)
  • Software Development (Senior) (€1,850 – €2,500)

  • Network Administration (Junior) (€450 – €750)
  • Network Administration (Middle) (€800 – €1,200)
  • Network Administration (Senior) (€1,300 – €1,800)


Most of the companies offer a package of benefits in order to motivate, minimize the attrition and increase the satisfaction of employees.

The top trends between IT companies are the following:

  • Trainings
  • Salaries
  • Personal benefits
  • Reputation and good image
  • Challenging job
  • Friendly environment

Top benefits are:

  • Meal tickets
  • Refreshments
  • Private medical packages
  • Laptops
  • Gym subscription
  • Working from home option